Spear Reit Limited – Pre-listing Statement

Spear Reit Limited – Pre-listing Statement

Spear to bring its Cape speciality to market

There will be a feeling of déjà vu about November’s listing on the JSE of Spear Reit, a property investment vehicle focusing exclusively on the Western Cape.

Tyger Valley gets CID

After 30 months of planning and getting the necessary approval, a large portion of the Tyger Valley commercial district will get its own City Improvement District (CID).

Grondeis-grond Huisves Superluukse Ontwikkeling

Prima ontwik-kelingsgrond aan die Atlantiese seekus, wat deel was van ‘n grondeis van die Tramway Road-gemeenskapstrust, gaan een van die eksklusiefste residensiele ontwikkelings in Kaapstad huisves.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step

Apart from investing in strategic properties in the Western Cape, Spear Properties is rallying behind the rejuvenation of some of Cape Town’s key commercial nodes. We speak to Spear Properties’ Managing Director Quintin Rossi …