Executive Management



Mike Naftali Flax (CEO)

Qualifications: B Comm, GDA, CA(SA), FCMA

Mike is an accomplished property professional operating within the commercial property sector. Mike a chartered accountant by qualification has more than 30 years’ experience in the property sector and has been key in some of the most exciting property transactions across the listed sector. Mike was the founder of Spearhead Property Group, which was later sold to Redefine Property Fund. Mike served on the board of directors of Madison Property Fund Managers until 2009 after a merger with Redefine Properties and Apex Hi to form the new Redefine Properties and until February 2011 served as an executive director of Redefine Properties Limited. Mike’s extensive expertise range in commercial property finance, development and a variety of key financial functions within the property sector, his entrepreneurial approach to property is admired by many within the property sector and his ability to create and unlock value has been proven time and time again. Mike is responsible for setting the trajectory of the business and will play a key role in the development of earmarked properties and the creation of investment deal flow for the fund.

Christiaan Barnard (FD)

Qualifications: CA (SA) (US)

Christiaan is a chartered accounted by qualification and through various family interests has been exposed to the real estate sector from a very young age and understands the demands associated with unlocking value in a real estate envirnoment. Christiaan has experience in audit practises in various industries including Software development  & Support, Oil and Gas production and Property REIT Holdings. Christiaan Joined Spear after leaving Grant Thornton LLP (Dallas) and is responsible to oversee the financial functions of the entire Spear REIT, its subsidiaries and related operations.

Quintin Michael Rossi (MD)

Qualifications: BA (LAW) PGDEM

Quintin has a wealth of experience in both the listed and private property sector specializing in all aspects of leasing and management related to commercial, industrial and retail real estate. Quintin started his real estate career at a Cape Town based brokerage and then went on to head up the national leasing management role at Redefine Properties Limited, which at the time and currently is one of the largest listed property funds in South Africa. He has played a key role in the conclusion of major corporate leasing & sale deals in the commercial real estate market leaving his value adding mark throughout South Africa. Quintin is in charge of all day-to-day management of the property portfolio overseeing both asset management and property management operations to ensure tenant satisfaction and portfolio growth. Quintin is also responsible for new development projects and will be mandated to secure new opportunities that will add value to the Spear property portfolio.

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Asset Management

All of our real estate portfolio’s lease negotiations, tenant renewals, income & expense management, and income projection preparations are managed internally. Spear focuses on a complete hands-on approach to each property, ensuring that maximum value and growth are derived.

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Property Management

The day-to-day property management of our real estate portfolio is performed internally by a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals managing all administrative and maintenance functions. The management team of Spear Properties are confident that they have assembled the right team to manage the property portfolio.